Jacksonville, FL

Florida's first chapter, Established 1925

Florida's first chapter, Established 1925

Florida's first chapter, Established 1925Florida's first chapter, Established 1925

In the beginning....

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc in Jacksonville, Florida was suggested by Brother Charles H. Wesley, the Fraternity's historian. Brother Wesley was serving as a guest lecturer at Edward waters College during the spring of 1925. One of the men attending those lectures was Brother Robert W. Butler, then a local pharmacist and graduate of Howard University (Beta Chapter) Washington, D.C. Brother Butler responded to Brother Wesley's idea by calling a meeting of local Alphas at his home to discuss the formation of a local graduate chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity in Jacksonville, Florida. Others who attended the seminar at Edward Waters College and were receptive to the idea were: 

Brother R.P. Crawford

Brother A. St. George Richardson

Brother L.A. McGee

Brother Rudolph Gordon

Brother Robert Lymon

Brother T.E. Morris

All of the mentioned Brothers later became the charter members of the Upsilon Lambda Chapter.


Upsilon Lambda Chapter was installed at Jacksonville on December 30, 1925 (Making it Florida's first Alpha Chapter), permission having been granted at the 18th Annual Convention of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity held in Detroit, Michigan, December 27-31, 1925. Brother C. Weymond Reeves, acting for Brother Charles W. Green, Southern Vice President, who had been detained at the Convention, conducted the installation.


From the time of its inception, Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has been an integral part of the on-going programs of its national organization while pursuing creative local and state deeds for mankind. As a result of this service, Upsilon Lambda Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity has received private and public acclaim for participating in Pan-Hellenic affairs, juvenile delinquency programs focusing on drug and crime prevention, scholarship awareness, civil rights, voter registration, teenage pregnancy, Boy Scouts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Young Men Leadership Training, United Negro College Fund Drive, Urban League, NAACP, and the Washington D.C. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project.

Past Chapter Presidents:

1925 - 29 Dr. Robert W. Butler

1930 - 34 Charles Long

1935 - 39 J. Leonard Lewis

1940 - 44 Capers G. Bradham

1945 - 47 Eugene J. Butler

1947 - 48 Dr. William Tony

1952 - 53 Dr. Theodore M. Christopher, DDS

1954 - 57 Charles E. Simmons, Jr.

1957 - 58 William T. Harper

1959 - 63 Dr. Wendell P. Holmes, Jr.

1964 - 65 Dr. H. James Greene*

1966 - 68 Dr. Jean C. Downing, DDS.

1968 - 69 Dr. Hunter Satterwhite, DDS.

1969 - 71 Dr. Richard D. Hunter, MD

1971 - 76 Louie Jenkins

1976 - 77 Dr. Earl T. Cullins, MD

1977 - 79 Dr. Ezekiel W. Bryant

1979 - 80 Benny Moore, Sr.

1980 - 82 Dr. Orrin Mitchell, DDS

1982 - 84 Ernest T. Williams

1984- 87 Dr. Nathaniel L. Davis

1987 - 89 Calvin L. Burney

1989 - 91 Dr. Frederick Newton, DDS

1991 - 93 Johnnie Williams, Jr.

1993 - 96 Dr. George C. Maxwell, DDS

1996 - 98 Burney Bivens, Esquire

1998 - 00 Lenox L. Godfrey, MBA**

2000 - 02 Lemar Graham, Jr.

2003 Pernell Jordan

2003 - 04 Lorenzo Williams, Jr.

2004 - 06 Michael R. Arbery

2006 - 08 Michael Raynard Mayberry

2008 - 2010 Charlie J. Gillette, Jr., Esquire

2010 - 2012 Jerome Ballard

2012 - 2014 Rev. Roger L. D. Williams, Esquire

2014 - 2016 Benjamen Parker, CFP

2016 - 2018 James Kelly

2018 - Present Avery Cohen

*Dr. H. James Greene Past State Director